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Model T Mishap…

Here’s a laugh for you all…

So as you all know, I took my Model T to Weekend on Wheels in Taree on Sunday 26th May, incidentally, this was the same day in 1927 that the Ford Model T ceased production.

Anyway, I was about 300 metres (1000ft approx) from the entrance gate to the showground, and guess what… splutter cough cough “Oh crap!”, I ran out of fuel, not a single drop left in the tank! So I guess now I’m officially a member of the Model T owners club!

It was fortunate I was able to flag down a *modern* car owner, who gave me a tow to the nearest fuel station less than 3km away, (roughly 2 miles).

I will definitely be more careful in future!

Mitch Taylor

New South Wales, Australia

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