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Ford Model T’s and the Springfield Arch

This was emailed to me recently, regarding the Springfield Arch in Springfield, Oregon…

The Arch in the photo was destroyed in 1927 and for the past two or three years I’ve been designing and building a scale model of a proposed new Springfield Arch, which features our town’s official symbol, The McKenzie River driftboat.  The long term game plan is to have a parade of tin lizzies pass through the new Arch as an inauguration. We’d invite any and all car clubs in the country to participate. Our community also has a yearly car rally which attracts 50’s and 60’s muscle cars, which might make a nice mix).  The completed 1:12 scale model recently went on display at Springfield City Hall. The tin lizzie I used in the display is the ONLY 1:12 scale model “Model T Ford” that I could find on the internet. Here are the images of Model-T Fords through the original Springfield Arch, in Springfield, Oregon. The photos are circa 1920. The Arch was destroyed by a flood in 1927. 

The gent keeping an eye on the model is a member of the Arch committee and editor/publisher of a newspaper, McKenzie River Reflections, serving the McKenzie River valley.

The original Springfield Arch…

Mitch Taylor

New South Wales, Australia

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