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90th Birthday Celebration in a Model T Ford

On Sunday, 6th December, I had the privilege of taking 90 year old Robert Grimley of Chatham, for a ride in my Ford Model T. Robert was born in 1925; the same year my Model T was built.

We went on a leisurely drive from his residence in Chatham, out around Cundletown, back through Taree, out to Andrews Reserve, and back to Taree again; where a party was organized with Robert’s family and friends at the Taree Tennis Centre on Commerce St.

His daughter Sheryl explained to me that her father is a Ford fanatic, and I was delighted to see a collection of Model T models on his mantelpiece. She also explained to me that her father had also called the undertakers to confirm if they had a Ford hearse and how he said “If you don’t have a Ford hearse, I ain’t going!” 

Sheryl explains a little about her family…

“My Dad is still talking about Saturday, Thank you so much again. I wanted to fill you in on another little tid bit about Dad. Mum and Dad started Roblorn Transport back in 1973, Rob for my Dad and Lorn for my Mum Lorna. My brother Robert then ran it for quite a while then sold it to Donna and Michael Brett who were at the function on Saturday and told us that they deliver for you I suppose now it is through TNT Dad found this quite interesting also. My eldest son Troy work for them for some time and he now owns Old Bar Couriers.”

Robert also had a birthday cake with an edible picture of my Model T on top!

Mitch Taylor

New South Wales, Australia

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