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Henry Ford ingenuity at it’s finest…

It’s amazing what one can create from “junk”…

A couple of hours in the shed and I came up with this rechargeable 12 volt LED flashlight, nothing more than a plywood box, a sealed gel battery, a metal toilet roll holder, and some bolts and screws, and of course an LED lamp – scrounged from a tractor that didn’t need it!


Battery: 12 Volt, 7.2AH, Sealed Gel Battery

Lamp: 12 Volt, 12 Watt LED Lamp

Fuse: 10 Amp Blade Fuse

Mitch Taylor

New South Wales, Australia

My Model T ar Great Lakes Motorfest 2017

The turnout was less than last year, mostly due to a nasty weather forecast for Tuncurry, with rainfall in the region of 20-40 millimetres predicted – and yet we didn’t see a single drop! It was hit and miss whether I was going to take the Model T along, making a last minute decision at 8 o’clock in the morning – glad I turned up!

Some more of our members present included Peter Jackson with his Chev, Don Phillips brought his Mini Cooper S, and Allan Walters with his Chrysler 75.

This years featured car was the Morgan, with a collection of nearly a dozen Morgan’s of various vintages, from early models right up to those built less than a decade ago.

An interesting mix of cars, the usual suspects and some not usually seen, including a Willy’s MB Jeep, which saw action in Papua New Guinea, a stunning and unmolested Ford Model A, a number of Jaguars, MG’s and the usual Valiants. Some congratulations for two of our members, who won awards for their cars, Don Phillips won Best British for his Mini Cooper S, and Allan Walters won an award for his Chrysler 75.

My 1925 Ford Model T with Allan Walters' 1929 Chrysler 75

1925 Ford Model T

Mitch Taylor

New South Wales, Australia