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My 1925 Ford Model T touring at Forster Keys Family Fun Day

My 1925 Ford Model T touring at Forster Keys Family Fun Day. My wonderful wife Shae and myself braved the freezing cold early morning to drive to the event 🙂 Enjoy the video 🙂

Sunday 2nd July 2017 was Forster Keys Family Fun Day. The weather was absolutely fantastic throughout the day, with not a cloud in the sky. The morning started out absolutely freezing, although I have to say, my Model T started on the first crank, which was surprising! 

Our club had seven cars in attendance, including Ray Lapham’s VC Commodore, Al Bryson’s Triumph, my Ford Model T, Peter Eaton’s Mazda 929, A Jaguar belonging to one of our newer members, a BMW, and a stunning Studebaker of which the owner’s name eludes me.

There was the usual selection of market stalls, entertainment by the Great Lakes Band and a marching Scottish pipe band. The annual Forster Keys Family Fun Day Dog Show proved popular with dozens of dogs entering a number of categories. My sister’s kelpie Max won first prize in the Tricks category. The DONK club had their usual collection of beautifully restored stationary engines on display. The noisiest thing there was a sea-plane, which was taking off regularly from the river alongside, taking people for joy flights over the area – no power boats at the event this year, so our ears were spared!

The only mishap I report is on my Model T — the pack nut, which secures the exhaust pipe to the manifold, came undone, resulting in some unique sound effects! 

All in all, it was a great day out, with good support from numerous car clubs from up and down the coast, including from Port Stephens, Newcastle, Taree and the Great Lakes.

My 1925 Ford Model T touring at Forster Keys Family Fun Day

Mitch Taylor

New South Wales, Australia

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