Ford Model T with new Champion X spark plugs…

My new Champion X spark plugs are now installed in my 1925 Ford Model T – what a boost in performance! Beats the heck out of my old Champion 25’s….

Thankyou very much to Mark Carley for recommending the Champion X’s to me – Investment well made I say  —

Took the T out for a spin this morning with the new plugs in, and she now pulls much better up hills, and goes a little faster too…


Champion X Spark Plugs, Ford Model T

Champion X Spark Plugs, Ford Model T

My new Champion X plugs arrived…

So I ordered a set of Champion X spark plugs for my 1925 Ford Model T, they arrived today…

Champion X Spark Plugs

1,000+ Miles in a Ford Model T

One of my valued group members posted this on Facebook the other day…

1,000 + MILES started Monday

“First day 411 miles, Today my shortest traveling day 128 miles.”

1000 Miles in a Model T

My 1925 Ford Model T at Andrews Reserve, Taree

Took my beautiful girlfriend Shae in my 1925 Ford Model T to Andrews Reserve, Taree West, NSW… Got caught in heavy rain and strong wind on the way home! .. And NO side curtains! 


Thomas Edison’s 1916 Ford Model T

Did you know Thomas Edison owned a Model T? 

In March 1916, “with Mr. Ford’s compliments,” local Ford agent Hill & Company presented a Model T touring car to Thomas Edison, long time personal friend of Henry Ford. The value of the vehicle was $482.75.

In 1922, Ford and Edison traveled to downtown Fort Myers in the car, stopping, at Hill & Company to talk with Hill and shake hands with his employees. Edison  referred to such jaunts as “motor rides.”

This “Southern Trade” Model T has a 60-inch wide tread, rather than the standard 56-inch tread. The wider tread was designed so the cars’ wheels would fit into existing wagon ruts on the rough roads that often existed in small southern towns like Fort Myers. Edison’s friend Harvey Firestone updated the original wooden wheels with balloon tires in 1924.

Thomas Edison’s 1916 Ford Model T

Model T’s have many uses…

Bentfield C. Hucks Invents an Airplane Starter: Check out this neat Model “T” Ford based starter

Model T's many uses

Ford Model T crankshaft

Here’s how the crankshaft was made for the Ford Model T

Ford Model T crankshaft manufacturing

1909 Ford Model T Touring Car

Here’s an old picture… a 1909 Ford Model T touring car… This car would have been $850.00 when it was brand new!

Model T Tyre Fitting…

Fitting tyres to rims for the Ford Model T

My 1925 Ford Model T – at Shannons Show n Shine, Forster NSW

I attended the 4th annual Shannons Show n Shine today. This annual event is hosted by The Great Lakes Historic Automobile Club and is held at Stockland Shopping Centre, Forster, on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

Members of the Taree Historic Motor Club also attended, including myself.

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