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My ride on Steam Locomotive LVR 3237 “Lachlan”, 100 Years of Rail in NSW


Steam Locomotive LVR 3237 “Lachlan” – Steam Train Ride

Celebrating 100 Years of Rail in New South Wales

So today I took a ride on this 121 year old train from Taree to Killawarra, NSW — lots of fun, enjoy the video 🙂

  • 4-6-0 Configuration
  • 105.5 Ton Locomotive & Tender
  • 9.65 Tons of Coal
  • 16,425 Litres (4,339 US Gal) of Water
  • 160psi Boiler Pressure
  • 2 Outside Cylinders

3237 “Lachlan” is one of the four surviving C32 class locomotives. 3237 was built in the United Kingdom by Beyer Peacock & Co in 1892 and came into service in Australia on the 26th of February, 1893. the Loco was originally numbered P 508 but became 3237 in the NSWGR 1924 renumbering scheme. The loco worked mainline runs around NSW, while its original use was as a passenger express locomotive, it was also used for light freight. For the last part of its working career 3237 was based at Dubbo’s locomotive depot, alongside 3102T now preserved in Canberra. 3237’s last duties were to work reclamation trains and as a yard shunter in Dubbo. The loco was withdrawn on 1 November 1971. Its last day in steam for the NSWGR was 3 November 1971, when it was sent light engine from Dubbo to Enfield for storage. In its 78 years of revenue service, from 26 February 1892 to 1 November 1971, 3237 “Lachlan” ran a total of 3,581,150 kilometres or 2,225,224 miles.


Mitch Taylor

New South Wales, Australia