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Mitch Taylor

New South Wales, Australia

A Vintage Wedding in my Ford Model T

On Saturday, April 8th, I had the honour of my 1925 Ford Model T being a part of Jamie and Alistair’s vintage-themed Wedding Day. It was an honour to drive Jamie to her ceremony, and the both newlyweds to their photo locations and to their reception afterwards. The weather on the day was nothing short of perfect, having poured with rain almost every day of the week leading up to the wedding. Congratulations Jamie and Alistair…

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Mitch Taylor

New South Wales, Australia

Australia Day in the Model T

Australia Day in the Model T…

with my wonderful wife Shae…

Had fun “trying” to leave this event… During the morning, a father and his two children came up and had a look at the Model T. I turned the fuel on, and gave a demonstration of hand-crank starting the car.

Around lunchtime, we decided to leave as the rain had started to set in, so I “turned the fuel on” and got the car started, no problems. We got as far as the exit, and at precisely that moment, the engine stopped, and would not restart! I spent the next half an hour, going through all the usual checks, including cleaning (and can you believe it, replacing) the spark plugs, checking all the wiring between the coils and the spark plugs, removed and cleaned the timer. At one point, while a group of 6 or 7 males had accumulated around my engine bay, Al Bryson in his wisdom, asks if I had checked the spark plug leads, and he promptly reaches out and takes a hold of one… little did he know, the ignition was still switched on, and rather abruptly defies gravity and lets go of the lead!!

I also have a tinker with the carburetor, checking for fuel flow, opening the drain cock underneath too far and it drops clean off, so I have to hurriedly scramble underneath to recover it and screw it back in, meanwhile I lose about 2 or 3 litres of petrol! … Finally Shae asks me if I had checked the fuel tap, which I *thought* I had… I finally turn the tap the *other* way, and switch on the fuel! (Of course Shae in her wisdom, knew this was the problem all along!) The car then starts perfectly…. I’m sure I will never live this one down!!

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Mitch Taylor

New South Wales, Australia

Ford Model T SHOUT OUT – and FAN MAIL Opportunity :)

A Big Shout Out and Thankyou to all my followers and subscribers! Something different in this video, I’d like to invite all my subscribers to send in some fan mail (Address is in the video). I will do my best to read out as many of them as I can on camera.

You can also post a comment for future video suggestions, but if you want me to read out your message on camera, send in some fan mail 🙂 I look forward to reading them 🙂

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Mitch Taylor

New South Wales, Australia

Getting my Leaky Model T Radiator Repaired, Part 2

On November 16th, I decided it was about time I had my radiator out; and have an apparent leak repaired.

It had me fooled from the very start, I observed a considerable rusty water stain on the back of the radiator core, to the right-hand side, and some water had accumulated nearby. However, the core itself turned out to be just fine!

After taking my radiator to Taree Radiators for repair, it turns out, the overflow pipe (which runs down the back of the radiator core) had a hidden hole, which was leaking rusty water onto the radiator core, which then tracked across to the opposite side of the radiator, and it really looked like the core itself was leaking! The bad section of pipe was cut out, and replaced with rubber overflow hose, it’s hard to tell the difference, it’s all black!

Thankfully, the copper core itself is in perfect condition. The brass tanks top and bottom were also in perfect condition, except for a small crack which had appeared on the top of the top tank, so I had that soldered.

I gave all the cast portions of the radiator a good coat of bitumen paint inside and out, the can says it’s good for rusty surfaces and protects against further corrosion, so it should help with longevity.

I’m going to be trialling a glycol-free corrosion inhibitor in my radiator, one which does not affect the water boiling point, which would upset the Model T’s thermosiphon cooling and cause overheating – not a good idea!

Model T looking rather naked with no radiator!

Dubious looking rust stain was a cruel deception!

Freshly painted radiator, with no leaks!

Mitch Taylor

New South Wales, Australia

The Insiders Guide to the Ford Model T – DVD – How to Drive a Model T Ford

The much anticipated DVD, containing all the  most asked-for material is finally here…

In this programme, you’ll discover what you need  to know about starting your Model T safely,  basic maintenance and how to drive your Ford  Model T.

You’ll Discover…

1.  How to Drive the Model T

2.  Model T Ford Revisited

3.  Starting From Cold

4.  A Closer Look: Transmission

5.  A Closer Look: Handbrake

6.  A Closer Look: Coil Boxes

7.  A Closer Look: Tyre & Rim Safety

8.  Replacing Transmission Band Linings

9. A Closer Look: Fan, Fanbelt & Pulley

10. A Closer Look: Starting in Cold Weather

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The Insiders Guide to the Ford Model T - DVD - How to Drive a Model T Ford

Mitch Taylor

New South Wales, Australia

Ford Model T Enthusiasts – Kids Corner.

I’ve added a brand new section to the Ford Model T Enthusiasts site: Kids Corner.

Activities include; printable Coloring Pages and Word Searches, or try your hand at the Model T Simulator and learn how the Model T transmission works.

The page is also loaded with educational content – a great way to introduce your children to Henry Ford and his famous Model T!

Here’s the link…  

Any feedback would be appreciated 🙂

Ford Model T Kids Corner

Mitch Taylor

New South Wales, Australia