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Model T: 1927

ENGINE SERIAL NUMBERS:14,619,255 to 15,076,231 calendar year. 14,049,030 to 15,006,625 approx. model year (August 2, 1926 to May 26, 1927.) Note: Records show that the last Model T was serial number 15,007,032 but according to the engine production records, only engines (not cars) were built on May 31, 1927. There was no production from May 27 to May 31, and then engines and/or trucks began again with serial numbers 15,626,006 to 15,007,032.

MODEL YEAR DATES: August 1926 to May 26, 1927.

BODY TYPES: Same as 1926.

MAJOR MODEL YEAR FEATURES: Chassis in passenger cars was made of heavier metal; minor construction changes were made during the year, but generally the same as the 1926 models. Color options on all cars. Wire wheels were standard on closed cars beginning in late 1926. The hot plate (Vaporizer) carburetor was standard in 1927 models.

COLORS: All cars had black fenders. Various body color options, ultimately on all models. Black no longer available except on special order.

UPHOLSTERY: Imitation leather in the open cars. The pattern was a stitched vertical pleat design on both seat bottoms and backs. Closed car upholstery was gray cloth with green stripe on the green cars, and gray with a red stripe on the maroon cars, then became gray with a white strip on all closed models, regardless of body color.

FENDERS: Same as 1926.

SPLASH APRON: Same as 1926.

RUNNING BOARDS: Same as 1926.

HOOD: Same as 1926. Painted body color.

DASHBOARD (Firewall): Steel, now a part of the body cowl (except in the Fordor).

CHASSIS: Same as 1926. 1927 models generally used heavier steel and a stronger rear cross member. Shock absorbers were offered as a dealer-installed option, front and rear (mounted at the center of the axles).


FRONT AXLE: Same as 1926.

REAR AXLE: Same as 1926. Later versions used a pipe plug filler screw, replacing the 15/16? hex-head screw.



WHEELS: 21? demountable wheels were standard, wire wheels optional on all models. Late in the model year, black wire wheels became standard on closed cars.

SPRINGS: Non-tapered, front and rear. ?U? shaped shackles.

RADIATOR: Same as 1926. Nickel shell offered as an option on most open cars, was standard on the closed cars.

ENGINE: Similar to 1926. Cylinder head bolts (and some others) were given nickel-plated heads, apparently to ?dress up? the car. The single-door valve cover no longer had the hole for the carburetor throttle rod because the Vaporizer control rod ran across the top of the engine.

ENGINE PAN: ?Four dip? pan is standard.

OIL FILLER CAP: The mushroom-shaped cap, made of steel, with three flutes.


ENGINE CRANK: Same as 1923 one-piece type with the rolled-in-place handle sleeve.

ENGINE FAN: Mounts on the water outlet and was adjusted by an eccentric arrangement. Aluminum pulley of different dimensions from the 1925 type.

MANIFOLDS: The Vaporizer carburetor and manifold assembly was now standard.

CARBURETORS: The Holley Vaporizer is standard. A few Kingston Regenerators were also used on some production.

CARBURETOR STOVE: Not used on Vaporizer-equipped cars.

MUFFLER: Pressed steel type with no tail pipe.

FUEL TANK: Mounted in the cowl on all cars except for the Fordor and truck. The Fordor continued the tank under the driver?s seat; the truck used the oval tank under the seat.

TRANSMISSION: Same as 1926.

COIL BOX ASSEMBLY: Same as 1926.

LAMPS: Six volt electric on all cars. Stop light offered as an option. Nickel rims on the headlights, which were now mounted on a tie bar between the front fenders on all cars. (Trucks continued the 1925 style.)

HORN: Six volt electric now standard.

WINDSHIELD: Same as 1926 but with stronger stanchions on the open cars.

TOP: (Open cars). Same as 1926.


SPEEDOMETER: Not standard equipment but a Stewart 490 was quite common.

TURTLE DECK (on Runabout): Same as 1926.


1927 Changes



Letter from Ford to all dealers

"Effective January 3rd, the Tudor Sedan will be equipped with black wire wheels as standard equipment at no extra cost."


JAN 14

Letter to dealers from Fargo branch

"With the resumption of assembling operations, Tudor Sedans are being regularly equipped with black wire wheels as standard equipment at no extra cost."


FEB 11

Ford letter to branches and dealers

"Commencing Monday fourteenth (sic) all Ford Coupes delivered or shipped should be equipped with black wire wheels at no charge in billing price to dealer and effective Monday February twenty-first black wheels of this type will be considered standard equipment at no extra cost to customer, same as Tudor and Fordor."


FEB 14

Letter to dealers from Fargo branch

"Effective Feb. 14 all Ford Coupes delivered or shipped to dealers will be equipped with black wire wheels at no change in price. Beginning Monday, Feb. 21, black wire wheels of this type will be considered standard AT NO EXTRA COST TO CUSTOMER, same as the Tudor and Fordor."



Letter GL1600 from the Fargo branch

"For your information, the following is a comparative analysis of the babbitt in a connecting rod rebabbitted by an outside concern, and standard Ford babbitt:



Standard Ford













The letter continues, stating that the increased copper in the Ford babbitt gives greater wear, and stresses that the dealers should use the Ford babbitt instead of any outside material.


MAR 21

Factory letter to branches

"Since the standardizing on blue and brown colors for our open cars, requests have been made by various fleet owners to have the Runabout with Pickup Body painted in black to match other Ford Pickup Cars operated by such fleet.

"Such requests have been approved and it has been decided that any of our regular colors, in addition to black finish, should be optional on the Runabout with Pickup Body upon specific request of the Fleet owners as well as individual buyers.

"The above also applies to Foreign Branches and European Companies."


MAR 30

Letter from Ford to all dealers

Announced the approval of the Kingston vaporizer for the Model T with a note that some may be used as standard equipment "on a small percentage of our production."
The Kingston unit listed at $9.00 and they made a special introductory price of $4.50, shipping one to each dealer.


MAY 26

Engine production records, Ford Archives

Engine 15,000,000 built this date. 14,999,999 to 15,000,001 were held out of May 25 production. The last number built May 25 was 15,002,217.


MAY 31

Engine production records, Ford Archives

All-steel valves now used in all engines except those for export.


JUL 29

Letter 1668 from the Fargo branch

"A special all-steel valve for Model T cars and trucks is now available through service stock, and in order to effect a complete initial distribution of this product to all dealers, we will include a small quantity with your next parts order.

"This all-steel valve is very much superior to the present type valve and we therefore recommend its use in your repair and service work.

"The price is 25 cents each, subject to dealers' regular discount, and your future requirements may be ordered in the usual manner with your next monthly stock order."