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New 2018 Edition

The Insider's Guide to the

Ford Model T - DVD


The much anticipated DVD, containing all the most asked-for material is finally here...

In this programme, you’ll discover what you need to know about starting your Model T safely, plus basic maintenance and how to drive your Ford Model T.



Here's what you'll discover...

  1. How to Drive the Model T

  2. Model T Ford Revisited

  3. Starting From Cold

  4. A Closer Look: Transmission

  5. A Closer Look: Handbrake

  6. A Closer Look: Coil Boxes

  7. A Closer Look: Tyre & Rim Safety

  8. Replacing Transmission Band Linings

  9. A Closer Look: Fan, Fanbelt & Pulley

  10. A Closer Look: Starting in Cold Weather

  11. Radiator Repair & How the Cooling System Works

  12. Adjusting the Transmission Bands

  13. How to Start Your Model T SAFELY

  14. How to Operate the Roof (Touring Car)

  15. Radiator Replacement

  16. Fixing a Loose Exhaust Pack Nut




260 Minutes


English Language

Aspect Ratio

16:9 Widescreen

*You will receive the DVD encoded to the correct format for your country



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